Watch The Moment A Motorcyclist Stacks It Hard After Trying To Pull Off Ridiculous Motorway Stunt


Guy’s lucky there wasn’t a lorry behind him.

I hate to sound like a grandma but motorbikes are fucking terrifying deathtraps. It’s scary enough that these guys ride around without nothing aside from their leathers and helmets to protect them, but when they start dicking around on the road like this in order to show off to their mates then they’re just asking to be killed.

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The video, which was supposedly filmed in America, captures the moment a motorcyclist tried and failed to pull the spectacular stunt of busting a wheelie while standing on the seat of the bike. To top this off, the dude’s riding on a pretty busy highway. Dumbass.

He’s lucky he didn’t get obliterated by one of his biker buddies.

Although if he had ended up in a horrific accident, hopefully he would’ve had an insane one-liner for the emergency services like this guy did.


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