Motorcyclist Causes Brutal Crash Simply By Kicking Car On The Motorway

Car Crash

The butterfly effect.

I haven’t really ever thought what effect kicking a car speeding down a motorway would have on its motion, but if this video is anything to go by then it’s not something that you want to be involved in any time soon.

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The video is taken from the southbound 14 Freeway at Newhall Avenue, Santa Clarin, California. In it, a car and a motorbike seem to be beefing on the outside lane of the motorway, when the car swerves towards the motorbike.

The motorcyclist reacts to this by kicking out at the car and then all hell breaks loose – the driver loses control of the vehicle, slams into the barrier in the middle, sets on fire and flips back into the oncoming traffic, crashing into another car and causing absolute chaos:

Damn, who would have thought that one little kick could cause so much carnage? Absolutely reckless.

People were saying that it was actually the driver of the car’s fault as he was trying to ram the bike off the road for some reason, although that isn’t really that clear from this video. Either way, the police are still searching for the motorcyclist after he drove off into the distance. Seems like both of them were in the wrong, but the car driver ended up paying the price. Ouch.

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