MotoGP Star Miguel Oliveira Speaks Out On His Secret Relationship… With His Step Sister

Porn is blurring the lines of reality.

You can’t go to any porn site these days without seeing links to step-sister or step-mum porn on the front page.

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Well for MotoGP star Miguel Oliveira, the front page of PornHub was basically down the hall from his room growing up, because it’s just been revealed that he’s been having a secret 11-year relationship with his step-sister who he has known since he was 13 years old, and that they are now engaged to be married.

Andrea Pimenta, 24, is the daughter of Miguel’s dad’s second wife, Cristina, and bizarrely it was the driver’s dad, Paulo, who revealed the exciting news. He told Marca:

I’m happy that my son is getting married to the woman of his life.

24-year-old Miguel added:

Before love there was a great friendship. We grew up together.

At some point we realized that it was more than a friendship, it is a very strong love. We were going to get married this year, but that weekend I had a race and we had to postpone it next year.

The weirdest part about this isn’t even that these two step-siblings have been secretly shagging for 11 years and are set to be married (they are not blood-related after all). It’s that their dad made the announcement and is so over the moon about it. I mean I get that parents just want their kids to be happy but you can’t deny there’s a stigma there of your son and step-daughter secretly banging all these years and now getting married.

Good news is they don’t look too much alike:

Congrats to the happy couple!

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