This Mum Used Sex Toys And Played Naked Twister With Her Daughter’s Friends At Their Party

Rachel Lenhardt

A tad inappropriate maybe?

When you’re a teenager it’s pretty awesome when your parents say that it’s cool for you to have a party.

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Normally this rarely ever actually happens and you just have to do it when they’re away without them knowing instead, but if it does then if you’re parents have any clue about anything then they’ll make sure that they’re around to supervise and make sure it doesn’t get out of hand. However, you’re probably going to want them to take a hands off approach to the party and not get stuck into it like 36 year old mother of five Rachel Lenhardt.

Lenhardt has been found guilty of six counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor after she allowed her 16 year old daughter’s teenage friends to head over to the house for a party. If you’re wondering what ‘delinquency of a minor’ means then I’ll tell you right here – it included letting them smoke weed, playing naked Twister with them, having sex with an 18 year old in the bathroom and then pleasuring herself with a sex toy in front of them and telling them all that she was still horny. Sounds like quite the party.

Rachel Lehnardt(cq) seen outside of her home in Evans,GA. (04/15/2015)

Lenhardt somehow managed to avoid jail for her wild antics and instead will now face a 12 month probation period and a $600 fine. She’s also lost custody of her other four children who weren’t at the house at the time of the party. She’s also probably lost her job as a Sunday School teacher too. Yeah, you couldn’t really make that last bit up could you?

Let’s spare some time for the real victim here though and that’s Lenhardt’s daughter. She’s going to cop a lot of shit about this, either for the fact that her mother is a sexed up maniac, or for the fact that she didn’t invite more people to her sickass party and is never going to be allowed to have one again. It’s a no win situation for her and her high school social life is probably over. Sorry about that girl.

It’s a pretty outrageous sex party by the sounds of things, but probably not as outrageous as when a teacher’s sex session with a student ended up on a porn site. Not so good.


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