A Mother Was Shocked To Find A Lizard Head In Her Vegan Bolognese

Don’t blame her.

You can tell that lockdown restrictions are lifting as we’re starting to get back into one of my favourite sub genres of Sick Chirpse posts: when someone finds something they’re not expecting in their food.

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This time it’s the turn of 47 year old Polly Wheaton, who was found what she can only describe as a lizard head in the vegan bolognese that she bought from Lidl. The head was discovered as her daughter Isabelle reached the end of her plate and fortunately wasn’t consumer, but Polly says that the experience still leaves her traumatised:

It was traumatising – my daughter still can’t eat properly after this.

It’s not about being vegan – nobody wants to find that in their food, whether they eat meat or not. But it did make it all the more revolting for her.

I feel at the very least that this product should have been recalled. The fact that we found an exotic animal in our food in the middle of a global pandemic is shocking.

But I haven’t had so much as a courtesy call from Lidl to apologise.

I’ve had to constantly chase them over the last six weeks, and all they’ve told me is that their complaints team is still looking into it.

I think this should take precedence over someone who has complained about a bad can of baked beans or something.

I don’t usually shop at Lidl – during the lockdown, I’ve just found it to be the most convenient and the most quiet supermarket.

But I certainly won’t be shopping there again.

I mean it is no doubt pretty rank to find something like that in your food, but I doubt it’s that traumatising. Just sounds like Polly is after some free stuff to me – although I suppose that’s fair enough in this kind of situation and you might as well go for it.

Playing Devil’s Advocate as well, it might take Lidl a little while to figure out how something like this has happened before they can offer adequate compensation and she’s kinda screwed that now by going to the press. Hope it was worth it.

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