This Mother Is Too Scared To Breastfeed Her Newborn ‘Alien’ Baby

Priyanka Kumari


In comments that will surely upset most parents all over the globe who have pledged to unconditionally love their children, a mother has stated that she refuses to breastfeed her newborn baby because it looks like an alien. In fairness, she might have a point.

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To be fair to the mother – 25-year-old Priyanka Kumari from India – she has held her baby and is tending to its needs but is just refusing to breastfeed it because of the deformities that she was born with. The poor baby – who has yet to be named – was born with Harlequin Ichthyosis. This condition causes a thickening of the skin and deformities, and as you can see she has a growth on her head, hardened skin and bulging eyes. Both Kumari and her husband Balindra Mahto are having trouble dealing with the fact that their baby was born this way, with Kumari saying the following:

Alien baby 2

I keep cursing myself for this. When I saw her for the first time, I was shocked.

I thought to myself – how could I deliver something like this? Now, I am worried about her future.

I prayed to god and expected a very healthy boy or girl baby.

I never thought in my dream that I will be going through such trauma in my life. This baby girl is not normal like other children.

ALien Baby

Harsh words to be said, but to be fair to Priyanka, her decision not to breastfeed the child might not have serious consequences as the doctor currently in charge of her care – Rajan Sinha – says that the chances of her survival are sadly only one in ten million. Still, she should probably try and look after it herself considering she’s her own flesh and blood, right?

People in the local region of Chakiya have begun visiting her and offering their prayers, as many believe her to be the incarnation of a Hindu god, but it’s unlikely that these prayers will help her or that she is actually this Hindu god. Sad.

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