This 13 Year Old ‘Gangster’ Has Gone Viral For Being The Biggest Prick On TV


How ‘bout dat.

There probably comes a point in every parent’s life where they seriously consider giving up on their children because they’re such nightmares, but I’m fairly certain that the vast majority stick it out and end up having wonderful and fulfilling relationships with their kids. I don’t think Barbara Ann falls into that category.

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Barbara Ann says that her 13-year-old daughter is completely and utterly out of control, and has accused her of stealing cars, wielding a knife at her, punching her in the face, framing her for a crime and – perhaps most shockingly – twerking inappropriately all the time. Her daughter Danielle on the other hand, claims that her mum is too overbearing and controlling and needs to chill out with her.

Of course, the only place that they could resolve their issues was on ‘Dr Phil’:

Wow. What an absolute bratty idiot. Can’t wait for her to go to jail and do her time like she said she would if she ever got caught – because she would never get caught. Can’t really blame Barbara Ann for wanting to get rid of her – she seems like an absolute idiot and has terrible nails too. Waste of time, she’ll probably sadly be dead by the time she’s 15 if she keeps going like that.

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