A Mother Hit Her Daughter With A Flip Flop From A Ridiculously Long Distance

Flip Flop


Unless you want to be an athlete, then the ability to throw objects a really long way is fairly useless aside from a few times in your life like this when you nail and improbable shot and someone is there to catch it on video and it subsequently goes viral.

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The video below is taken from an undisclosed location in Mexico, where it seems like a mother is pretty angry with her daughter, chasing her out of the house and then pulling the flip flop off her foot and throwing it at her, even though she’s about 30 metres away now. Nevertheless she nails a throw that would make Tom Brady proud, whacking her daughter square in the head and causing her to stumble on the street.

Check it out for yourself:

Yeah I mean I’m not sure if that can possibly true because that literally is one of the best throws of all time if so and she should probably try and join a women’s NFL team immediately if they exist in Mexico. Lots of people are calling bullshit on Twitter and saying it’s fake as well, but sometimes it’s nice to believe there’s a woman down there with an arm as good as Uncle Rico’s before he got the injury. Here’s hoping some good comes her way because of it.

For more awesome throws, check out this guy throwing a bowling ball at someone’s head. Bit weirder.


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