Mother Dies After Shunning NHS Treatment For Curable Cancer And Going Vegan

Veganism doesn’t solve everything.

When it comes to cancer, there are a lot of alternative treatments out there that people embrace instead of traditional medical care and there are a lot of great stories out there about how they’ve worked as well – but there are also some tragic ones like this one where they really haven’t.

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Katie Britton-Jordan from Dalbury Lees in Derbyshire discovered a lump in her breast three years ago when she feeding her young daughter Delilah. She was offered a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy which would have saved her life, but she instead decided to embrace a vegan lifestyle and holistic methods instead.

Sadly, this didn’t work though and her husband announced her death on Facebook on Friday:

It breaks my heart to be writing this but on Saturday 25th May, Katie, with the same grace and strength she handled herself through life, peacefully passed to the next.

‘Delilah, her “bestie” Elsa and I went and picked flowers and herbs from the garden and placed them all around Katie, she looked so serenely beautiful….

Our little girl has learnt the hardest lesson at such a young age and I simply run out of answers when sobbing she asks “why we have to say bye bye?”

We cuddle for a mo’ and then she’ll suddenly tell a little story of what or how mummy would do it, start to giggle and right there! I can see the spirit, resilience, strength and everything that was and will always be in her Mamma, in our little girl. She hasn’t gone far yo’.

Feel free to leave comments just, please be thoughtful and respectful. I know some people may have their own opinions on what Katie should or should not have done but whatever that is, it does not alter her bravery and dignity over the last 3yrs.

That’s pretty sad really, but I suppose it shows that you should probably always listen to medical experts – although Katie did make it fairly clear that she didn’t win chemotherapy was the right answer as she was essentially poisoning her body. RIP.

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