A Mother Broke Both Of Her Ankles And Tore Ligaments After Attempting TikTok Challenge

Be careful.

People are trying anything they can right now to keep themselves entertained whilst they’re in lockdown and one of the many different activities is making stupid videos for TikTok – but you need to be warned that these can be way more dangerous than you might first think.

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This was illustrated by the case of 27 year old Sapphire Charlesworth from County Durham, who was attempting the ‘Oh Na Na’ challenge with her partner when she ended up breaking both of her ankles and tearing ligaments in her leg. The challenge consists of two people standing opposite each other and tapping their feet together in time to the music, so it’s kinda crazy that Sapphire could screw herself up so badly doing it, but here’s how she tried to explain it:

We were just practising, and as I went to turn I slipped and heard ‘crack, crack’ and then I was in a heap on the floor.

It hurt so so bad. I think my partner thought I was exaggerating.

She had to pick me up and we were trying to wait to see if the pain wore off but then we had to phone an ambulance.

To anyone thinking of trying it, I’d say approach with caution.

It’s not as easy as it looks.

I want to massively thank the NHS. Through all of this, they are keeping their spirits high.

The staff at North Durham hospital did indeed manage to patch her up, but it still seems like the whole situation could have been avoided if she wasn’t such an idiot and knew how to balance on one leg. I’m not fan of TikTok here, but I don’t really think you can blame the challenge on this one as so many other people seem to have been able to complete it without completely destroying their bodies. Sort it out.

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