A Mother Bought 18 Toilet Rolls But Her Kid Threw Them All In The Bath

Serves her right.

Everyone is pretty much being an asshole at the moment, with the impending (already happening?) lockdown meaning that people are stockpiling food and bog roll so that they’ll all be safe when we’re forced to stay in our houses for months on end.

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One such mother recently decided to buy 18 bog rolls for the upcoming apocalypse, no doubt assuming that her family’s need to wipe their asses would be satisfied during whatever the world had to throw at her in the coming weeks. Not so though because it turns out her little kid had other ideas as they decided to throw all the toilet paper in the bath and render it completely and utterly useless.

A friend of the mother shared a photo of the carnage on Twitter and predictably everyone was quick to rinse her for stockpiling toilet paper and say that it served her right:

I mean it’s fair enough really, although buying 18 toilet rolls for a family of 4 isn’t that outrageous in times like these – it’ll probably only keep you going a week or two which could even be what she buys normally. Won’t be keeping her going for any time at all though after those little bastards through them in the bath tub will it though? You have to laugh.

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