Mother Has £200K Of Cosmetic Surgery To Look Like A Pamela Anderson Doll



The latest in the long long list of plastic surgery weirdos to be featured on Sick Chirpse is Scottish glamour model mum of four Amanda Lovelie, who has apparently spent over £200,000 on transforming herself into a Pamela Anderson doll.

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As usual, it’s better to let these people describe their thought process and actions in their own words as this always turns out what better than anything I could write about them, so take it away Amanda:

I used to have a tiny frame with a 30B bust and a zero dress size.

I was so skinny it was making me ill and I needed to get healthy again and after I met my partner Paul I decided to make changes to my body and get the cosmetic surgery.

I first got a £4000 boob job and bumped my breasts up to 32C but it wasn’t enough for me.

I loved Pamela Anderson’s blonde hair and big big boobies, she always looked so glamorous and sexy.

Since then I’ve had three more boob jobs and 800cc implants, as well as £5,000 bum implants and fillers. I’ve spent a total of £200,000 on plastic surgery.

I was planning on having 1500cc silicone implants done over in Turkey but I feel they won’t give me the look I’m trying to achieve so I’m trying to persuade the Dr to use 2000cc which will give me the ultimate living doll look. I’ve total boob greed.

I’ve also found a doctor in the US who will remove six of my ribs for £10,000.

Over the past years I’ve had many strange requests, things like selling my worn pants and worn shoes, others asked for me to dominate them, this one guy was wanting to send me pictures of his manhood so I could laugh and make fun of him because how small he was.

Life as a human Barbie comes with plenty of attention. When I do go out shopping or out and about, I do get stared at quite a bit because of my look, but I’ve grown accustomed to it now.

It’s always nice though when someone comes up and says how beautiful I look, and that’s what I’m all about, positive vibes and feelings towards anyone and everyone.

I mean I guess if it makes her happy and other people happy then I shouldn’t really judge her, but it seems like an awfully weird and messed up way to want to look and spend £200,000 on achieving said look. Just imagine what else that money could have been spent on – I always wonder where these people get the money for these surgeries from as they never seem to say?

Also, does anyone else think Paul might be a bit of a creep as it was after she met him that she decided to get her first boob job? Just saying. Gonna be weird for her four kids growing up with a mother who literally looks like a doll as well, but I doubt Amanda is concerned with that as she’ll probably make them happy looking like that, right? Can’t see them being bullied or freaking out when they realise what’s going on, no way.

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