Guess What Britain’s Most Popular Restaurant For Tinder Dates Is?

Tinder Date

Kill me now.

Today some of the most important information about the dating game has become apparent – not only have women agreed to be filmed using the dating app, but it has also been revealed where the most likely place to be taken on a Tinder date is. And yes, it’s as depressing as you might imagine.

Yes, the most popular place to go on a Tinder date is Nando’s. I would like to say that I’m surprised, but in an age where a cheeky Nando’s is a thing and it’s even acceptable to take a girl out to a restaurant as budget and tacky as this place then I really, really shouldn’t be. I mean it’s just so obviously a fast food joint masquerading as a restaurant it’s outrageous, I can’t believe more people haven’t seen through it yet.

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This information was all gleaned from a survey compiled by new dating app Clover, and there were even more depressing statistics in the top 20 places to go on your first Tinder date. It turns out that men prefer a restaurant and girls prefer coffee shops, so Starbucks and Costa came in at second and third. Ugh, kill me now.

Perhaps even more upsetting was the fact that Cineworld came in at 5th (great place to take someone you’ve never met so you really get a chance to connect with them during the date) and even fucking McDonald’s came in at number 12. Jesus Christ guys, as a nation we’re really failing on the dating game here.

I’ve only ever been on one Tinder date and I met her on the street and we just went to the first bar that looked kind of cool. We had a couple of drinks, made out, then I saw her a couple more times but it didn’t work out. That’s the way to do it guys, seriously.

Although having said that maybe all these morons that went to Nando’s on their first date actually all lived happily ever after, what the hell do I know? I tried to be original on my first Tinder date and it didn’t work out at all. FML.

But anyway, if you need any more reasons why just even going to Nando’s in general is shit and why you should stop doing it immediately, then check out this guide to how crap it is.


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