Watch These Women Use Tinder Together And Judge The Hell Out Of 634 Profiles

Women Use Tinder Together

Guys, prepare for some valuable insight.

It’s not really outside the realms of possibility to assume that when women use Tinder, they’re often with their buddies going through your profiles and laughing at them whilst collectively judging who they swipe right on. I mean that’s what guys do too isn’t it?

It’s just a bit weird when you actually see it happen live like in the video below that was recorded for GQ. However, it also gives you some valuable insight into how to get all of those matches from your profile, and for that we’re forever grateful:

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If you didn’t want to sit through the video – and we highly recommend that you do because it’s not only insightful but also a hoot to see these women judging all these dumb profiles – then here’s the top tips to get them to swipe right:

  1. Put a dog in your profile pictures.
  2. Don’t put other women in your profile pictures.
  3. Don’t put your kids in your pictures.
  4. Don’t put any kids in your profile pictures.
  5. Don’t wear a suit.
  6. Don’t wear a hat.
  7. Don’t put group pictures on there.
  8. Don’t put selfies in your profile pictures.
  9. Definitely don’t put naked selfies in your profile pictures.

And there you go, you’ll be getting matched and going on dates in no time if you’ve got any Tinder game. If not, then you’ll be winding up on the best and worst Tinder conversations in the universe next week. It’s up to you soldier.


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