Check Out This Video Of The Most Expensive Watch In The World Being Made

Most Expensive Watch In The World

This bad boy’s worth $2.6 million.

I’m not really a watch guy, but after seeing this video I’ve got a whole new respect for them having watched the painstaking process that needs to be endured in order to get that timepiece on your wrist.

The video below details how the most expensive watch in the world is made. It’s called the Patek Philippe 517R Grandmaster Chime Watch and it is a beast, as you can see above. It cost’s $2.6 million and comprises 1,580 different components and is made from rose gold with a hand engraved intricate leaf design. Basically it’s completely sick, although possibly not as sick as the James Bond laser watch the recently came out.

It also has 20 complications. A complication is the official measurement of how badass a watch is. Not sure how that works but it’s a pretty awesome name for a measurement in any case, right?


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