VIDEO: Guy Takes The Most Epic Selfie Of All Time, Incorporating 600 Day Motorcycle Voyage Around The World

Most Epic Selfie Of All Time

Think you’re good at selfies? You ain’t got shit on this dude.

A motorcyclist called Alex Chacon went out on the road for 600 days on his motorbike with his Go Pro camera, in an attempt to create the most epic selfie of all time. And to be fair to the guy, he probably has.

Chacon visited 36 countries and went through five motorcycles on his trip and every day he made sure that he took a 360 degree selfie on his Go Pro of the best location that he visited that day – and boy did he visit some cool places, like the Igauzu Falls, Shinesky Baths, Aztec Temples, The Taj Mahal, The Leaning Tower Of Pisa and the canyons from 127 Hours – and has now spliced it into a three minute video to make everyone in the world supremely jealous of how awesome his life was for those 600 days. That motherfucker.

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