This one really is out there. Guarantee you have never seen anything like it. Involves a run, a dive, a header (kinda) and a tap. Hits the bar.

My love of dumb stuff to do with footballers is well documented on Sick Chirpse (you can see examples here, here and here) and I think I’ve even posted a blog post before abouta free kick I really enjoyed, but this really could be the most bizarre free kick ever. I have never seen anything like it. Probably the most similar thing I could think of is that bizarre penalty incident a few years ago in an Arsenal match where Robert Pires tried to flick the ball to Thierry Henry for him to put it in but just missed it and nobody really knew what happened and then Danny Mills came over and kicked the ball miles away and then called Henry and Pires both twats. Nice one Danny Mills, kinda sums up his career. Anybody know what Danny Mills is doing now?

Anyway, this free kick routine is probably just as bizarre as that one but had better results in that the team hit the bar from it at least and didn’t end up looking like complete twats afterward. And probably weren’t called twats by Danny Mills either. Unlike that old chestnut though, it’s unsure whether this bizarre free kick routine was planned out or just improvised at the time. If the free kick was improvised as a result of the dude running up to take it’s ineptitude then fair play I guess, that’s some nice improvisation and you got a half decent free kick out of it. If it was planned though I suppose it’s kind of cool but why would you plan a free kick routine like this? Does it really gain an advantage over the opposition, or does it just look really stupid? You’ll see what I mean when I watch it. We’re not sure where it’s from, or who the players and teams involved are, other than that it’s some weird region of China. Apologies for the crappy quality too but it’s the only video that’s available. Enjoy what could very well be the most bizarre free kick ever!


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