Mortal Kombat X Reveals Completely Brutal New Fatalities

Mortal Kombat X Fatalities

Killing people gets creative.

We’ve featured Mortal Komat X and its bone crunching action on the site before, and it’s safe to say that with every new video that gets released it only whets our appetite more. It’s now in the GTA V level of anticipation for video games.

This new video highlights one of the best things about the Mortal Kombat series – the fatalities. I can’t make out who any of the characters are in it – it’s been a while since I’ve actively participated in the series so it’s lost on me – but it looks like they can kick a hell of a lot of ass judging by these videos. I don’t even want to go into how they end up killing their opponents, but let’s just say it’s a whole new level of brutality and certainly isn’t pretty.

Only question is, is it more gory and messed up than the Hatred video game we featured a couple of months ago?


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