The New Mortal Kombat XI Fatalities Are Completely Brutal, Bloody And NSFL

Finish him.

Mortal Kombat finishers have always been ridiculously brutal and over the top, that’s why the franchise has been going strong since 1992 and is about to release its 11th instalment to much fanfare.

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Back in the day the original Mortal Kombat fatalities would blow our tiny minds even with the relatively poor 90s graphics and animations. Now you’ve got all kinds of new technology that really allows for the brutality of these finishing moves to come to life.

Here are the finishers and special moves that have been leaked thus far, featuring Mortal Kombat legends like Raiden, Sub Zero and Scorpion:

My favourite so far has to be Baraka’s fatality – holy crap:

There’s a pretty bonkers video dedicated to returning character Kabal as well:

Mortal Kombat XI releases on all the usual platforms on 23 April 2019.

Why not check out an insane supercut of every Mortal Kombat fatality in history until then? Can’t wait.


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