Morrisons Are Now Selling Bags Of Wet Eggs And Nobody Understands Why


I’m not sure how you like your eggs, but I definitely don’t dream of waking up in the morning and having someone hand me a bag of wet ones for me to scoop out and chew on – give me them sunny side up any day of the week.

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Apparently though, there is some kind of demand for them in this country as Morrisons have decided to start stocking them at their superstores. The discovery was made by Twitter user Sexy Trumpet, who decided to post the following:

Would you look at the state of that. Needless to say, Twitter went into an absolute meltdown with the original tweet receiving 130,000 likes and 18,000 retweets and a number of comments about just how completely rank and disgusting the whole thing is up there.

Yeah I couldn’t have said it better myself than some of those comments. The question still remains as to just who these wet eggs are targeted at – what kind of a person out there gets up and decides that they’re going to eat a bag full of wet eggs for their breakfast? Or dinner or whatever?

I thought maybe that they were animal food or something but the fact that they’re sitting squarely between pizza, bread and sandwiches in the On The Go section kinda negates that idea. Are some weirdoes actually coming into Morrisons for their lunch and walking out with a bag of wet eggs and then walking around the shopping centre scooping them into their mouth and dripping egg juice all over the floor? Makes me feel sick just typing it, but if anyone has footage of this please send it in.

Morrisons have actually responded to all the furore about the wet eggs and explained that they’re usually prepared for the salad bar but if they have an excess then sometimes they offer them directly to the customer. I don’t believe them.

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