An Aldi Customer Has Found An ‘Embryo’ In One Of Her Eggs



Eggs are always a bit rank and messy due to the very nature of them – cracking them and dripping them into the frying pan or bowl or whatever – but I’ve never seen one as disgusting as this.

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39 year old Annelle Piercy purchased her eggs from Aldi and was horrified to discover what she thought was an embryo inside one of them – complete with umbilical cord and everything – when she started frying it. After posting it on social media, several people started to agree with her so she took it straight to the press and Aldi.

Annelle had the following to say about it:

Embryo 2

I will not use eggs in the future. I felt so sick. I had my bacon in the pan so it all went in the bin. I did show it to my young children who were in shock and said I cooked a baby.

I have just started Slimming World and eggs are a free food so I was excited for my breakfast.

I put my bacon and tomatoes in the pan and cooked them for a bit, then I was ready for my eggs. I cracked the egg into the pan with my bacon.

Eww. To my horror it turned my stomach out in the pan. It was a baby embryo of a baby chick. I couldn’t even look at it, from now on I will stick to bran flakes.

Yeah I mean even though this is a bit rank and gross, it’s a bit of an over exaggeration for her to say she’s off eggs in the future. It’s like a one in a million chance that anything like this would ever happen once, let alone twice. Grow up.

And in all honesty even though it looks disgusting it’s almost certainly not an actual embryo and this was confirmed by Aldi who offered the following explanation:

What Ms Piercy’s photograph shows is a naturally occurring part of the egg, which has become more prominent during cooking.

It categorically is not an embryo. Our supplier only keeps female hens, making it impossible for this egg to become fertilised.

We have spoken to Ms Piercy and she has accepted a full refund.

Lol way to take your crusade to the top there Annelle. Offer you a £1.35 refund for your eggs and you’re paid off. How the righteous fall for a little bit of that cheddar.

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