Morrisons And Lidl Are Both Releasing Pigs In Blankets Pizzas This Christmas

2020 is looking up.

When it comes to the best deals and the greatest fusion foods, you can almost always count on Morrisons and Lidl to think up some of the greatest combinations out there – and they’ve done it again with their pigs in blankets pizzas.

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Both of the supermarkets are going head to head with their creations again this year, with both offering slightly different variations on a theme at similar fantastic prices. Morrison are serving up their full Christmas dinner pizza that features the classic tomato and mozzarella combo, along with sage and onion turkey, pigs in blankets and cranberry sauce. It’s a ten inch pizza and it will set you back £2.89 and is already available on their shelves if you’re itching to get into the Christmas spirit already.

Here’s what Leanne Cory, Morrisons’ pizza buyer (sick job) told MailOnline:

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Pigs in blankets are often the most popular part of the Christmas dinner and it’s never too early to start enjoying them so we’ve made them a hero of our new pizza.

Our instore pizza makers are combining the pigs in blankets with turkey and cranberry sauce to create a real taste of Christmas and get us all in the festive spirit.

That sounds great and all, but the one that’s got me real excited again though its the solely pigs in blankets pizza from Lidl (pictured in the main image on this article). This one is slightly more expensive at £3.29 but features way more pigs in blankets alongside tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, red onions and cranberry sauce. Just get rid of the turkey and focus solely on the pigs in blankets – that’s what everyone wants right? It’ll be available tomorrow (December 3rd) and I’ll be picking one up shortly afterwards. Also looks slightly bigger than the Morrisons one as well.

For more of the same, check out this foot long chocolate and caramel eclair that ASDA are selling this year. Perfect for dessert after one of these pizzas.


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