Morrisons Are Launching A Scotch Egg Pork Pie

Scotch Egg Pork Pie

What a wonderful combination.

Supermarkets are well into releasing hybrid food items these days but the fact is that most of them are either disgusting or useless, so it’s refreshing to see Morrisons buck this trend with the introduction of a scotch egg pork pie, literally  combining two of the best foods out there into one.

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To be fair this could come off as looking completely guff, but it sounds like Morrisons have actually pulled this one out of the bag. There’s a whole egg surrounded by 100% British pork (for all the Brexiteers out there), which is then covered in a hot water crust pastry and topped with baked golden crumb to replicate the outside of a scotch egg. Mmmmmmmm.

Scotch Egg Pork Pie 2

Morrisons Deli Expert (sickest job title ever) Dan Barrett said the following about the new product:

The combination of the crisp breadcrumbs, pork filling and egg is magic – it will be a talking point at any Boxing Day Buffet!

Unfortunately whilst his statement might be true it also highlights one of the crappy things about the scotch egg pork pie – it will only be available until December 28th and then it’s gone until next year. Better make sure we stock up – they only costs £3 and serve four people so if you keep it yourself and have a slice a week then you only need to spend £40 for a year’s supply. Smart.

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