Morrisons Just Launched A Foot Long Sausage Roll For Only £1

Morrisons sausage roll

More reasons to shop at Morrisions.

Morrisons supermarkets just keep pulling their giant meat products out of the bag (get your minds out of the gutter please). First they released a giant burger for just £3 in time for Father’s Day, and now they’re introducing a foot-long sausage roll.

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And if you’d think that you would have to shell out a fair bit of money for a snack of this size, you would be wrong, because they’re selling it for just one English pound. Bargain.

The whole thing weighs half a kilo and is “double the length and four times the weight of some high street competitors.” I mean, obviously you’re probably going to have to accept that something that big for only £1 is probably going to contain some pretty low grade meat. But who’s eating a sausage roll for the meat quality anyway?

Morrisons sausage roll 2

Oh yeah, and you’ll have to be quick if you want to get it for just a quid because it will rise to £1.43 on 14th of August. I think I know what you’re having for lunch. This thing is so big that it has it’s very own special tray because the paper bag used for smaller sausage rolls just can’t handle this absolute beast.

Morrisons’ pie and pastry expert, Philippa Shaw, said:

We sell one million freshly baked sausage rolls-a-week but customers have asked for one that is even bigger.

So we created this foot-long version.

With the start of the football season approaching, we’re hoping our foot-long sausage roll will be making its way to the top of the snack league table!

So why not get yourself down to Morrisons this lunch time and make everyone in your office jealous/disgusted.

Now we just need to get Greggs to make a sausage roll this size and we’ll be golden.


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