Morrisons Is Selling Two Rib Eye Steaks And Chips For £5


It’s been a while since I’ve written about a great supermarket deal, but the summer is coming round again fast and Morrisons are the first to release what can only be described as great value for money off.

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The supermarket chain is somehow managing to sell you two rib eye steaks and chips for the mouthwatering price of £5. Considering that sometimes even when you go to a shitty steak restaurant you could end up paying £30 for a ribeye, you’ve really gotta stand up and take notice of this offer. Josh Brockbank, Morrisons’ Steak Buying Manager (completely sick job title), said:

We’re really proud of our steaks, so what better way to spend the weekend than with a slap-up Rib Eye and Chips supper – all for a fiver!

He sounds excited doesn’t he? If you’re worried about the logistics of the offer, you just have to pick up two rib eye steaks and pay a fiver for them, and then you get a big bag of Morrisons Steak Cut Chips for free. Only downside is that the offer ends this Sunday March 1st, so you better rocket down to Morrisons and grab them real quick if you want to take advantage of it. Is it too early for a BBQ this Saturday?

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