Morons Have Been Breaking Their Thumbs Because They’re Bored

Seriously NSFL.

People are idiots – that much we know. In the day and age we live in, you can literally post a joke video about drilling a headphone jack into your brand new iPhone and idiots will actually try it at home.

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You can also send out a dumb tweet instructing how to break your thumb ligament and – you guessed it – people will break their own thumbs. It’s true, someone sent out the following tweet recently:

Thumb tweet

And here’s the reaction from the online community:

Thumb 1 Thumb 2


Thumb 3 Thumb 4 Thumb 5 Thumb 6

Gross. And also, seriously? Why would you put yourself through that?

If any of you are now trying this at home, firstly, stop it now. Secondly, if you are silly enough to do it anyway, please send pics.

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