More Than 50 Cured Coronavirus Patients In Korea Have Tested Positive For It Again

Didn’t think that happened?

It’s generally been assumed so far in the battle against Coronavirus that once you’ve contracted the virus and beaten it that you can’t catch it again and can’t pass it on anymore, but new information coming out of Korea might indicate that this isn’t exactly true.

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The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  has today said that 51 people from Daegu in South Korea and the surrounding North Gyeongsang have tested positive for Coronavirus after being released from quarantine having already tested positive previously. It’s thought that the virus had been reactivated and it was highly unlikely that they had been re-infected, but it’s still fairly worrying because it’s been relayed to the public that neither of those outcomes were really options previously.

Here’s what Jegal Dong-wook – an infectious disease expert at the Catholic University of Kore – had to say about it:

There is a pattern of the viral level decreasing and increasing again.

An investigation should be thoroughly conducted into whether the level was low enough to show as negative.

Patients who retested positive are people in which the virus was reactivated or who relapsed.

Well I suppose that’s good in that it means you can’t catch it again, but it’s certainly a concern that it seems like that they don’t know how to test people properly yet over in Korea. Or maybe everywhere else in the world as well? Seems like half of the news we’re getting revolving around Coronavirus right now isn’t that great and it’s gonna get a whole lot worse before it gets any better.

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