More Than 100,000 People In Bangladesh Ignored Coronavirus Lockdown To Attend Religious Festival


Another day, another story about people being unbelievably reckless during the Coronavirus lockdown and ignoring government guidelines to do something that they really didn’t need to be doing – and this could be the worst one yet.

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Over in Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh, 100,000 people gathered at the weekend to attend the funeral prayers of an Islamic religious preacher named Maulana Zubayer Amad Ansari. The country currently has a ban on more than five people attending prayers at the same time, so officials are said to be shocked that so many people were able to show up for Ansari’s funeral.

They’re apparently ‘looking into’ how this could have occurred, but I really think if they need to do an investigation into this then something is wrong with how they’re running the country because you’ve gotta think that there must be some way they would have had an inkling that 100,000 people were gonna turn up to this event? That’s as big as Reading Festival FFS. Police were in attendance but were forced to withdraw because there were simply so many people that they were overwhelmed.

The people in Bangladesh have gotta have a look at themselves as well. Their Coronavirus death toll is currently pretty low at just 91, but have they not seen what’s going on in other countries and the devastation that’s occurred? Taking part in something like this just seems completely stupid and irresponsible, but then again you can probably apply that to the actions of 50% of people in the world at the moment. Stay inside you morons.

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