More Footage Of Tony Hawk Riding The Hover Board Has Been Released

Tony Hawk Hoverboard

More footage of Tony Hawk on one of the most awesome inventions ever. (Maybe.)

Everyone lost their shit last week when Tony Hawk was filmed popping tricks on the real life hover board like it was no big deal. (Although the video may be fake – damn.)

Now, more footage has been released of Tony’s visit to the Hendo warehouse and although it’s undeniably impressive it’s a bit underwhelming compared with the other video. The hover board only hovers about 0.3mm off the floor and looks kind of wide and chunky so even though it is undeniably a hover board it’s nowhere near as cool as the ones Marty McFly was used to riding on. The fact that this has been invented now has to give us hope for the future that it might one day be possible though.

Tony himself seems pretty impressed with it, even though it’s not anywhere near as good as it could be doing a bunch of 1080 spins and goofing around on it. Let’s just hope he’s busting out some serious tricks on it though next time we see one of these videos though yeah?


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