A New Study Has Found That Men Get More Emotional Satisfaction From Bromances Than Romances

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There’s the classic scenario when a dude would much rather go out with his friends then spend time with his girlfriend and it turns out that this is because they get way more emotional satisfaction from this endeavour according to a new study.

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The results were published in Men And Masculinity and stated that men felt more comfortable talking about emotional and private subjects with their mates rather than their girlfriends and that they also felt less judged by their peers rather than their partners. Almost 100% of those surveyed also said that they had a good friend with whom they regularly cuddled which sounds a bit weird to me – who cuddles with their mates? Sure a hug every now and again is cool but a full on cuddle is a bit much isn’t it?


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However, it’s also important to note that it was an extremely limited study, only surveying 30 second year university students in America. Having said that though the results were almost completely unanimous, so I suppose we can say that when you’re 20 years old in America then this is the way you’re going to be acting.

Not sure about people of other ages or in other countries though unfortunately. Needs ore research but I can imagine that the results are fairly similar judging by almost everyone I know.

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