More Cocaine Is Snorted In London Than Berlin, Amsterdam And Barcelona Combined

Take a bow.

London has got a reputation as the cocaine capital of Europe and it’s not without the stats to back it up, as a new report is claiming that more of the white powder is snorted in England’s capital than in notorious party towns Berlin, Amsterdam and Barcelona combined.

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This result was determined by testing waste water for benzoylecgonin – the compound that is produced when the body breaks down cocaine. In London there was an average of 23kg per day, as opposed to 12.74kg in Barcelona and just 4.62kg in both Berlin and Amsterdam. The value of the cocaine trade in London is therefore estimated at £8 billion a year! Jesus Christ that’s a lot of blow!

Dr Leon Barron – a forensic scientist at King’s College London – had the following to say about the revelations:

The study illustrates sustained cocaine usage across the week in the capital with only a slight rise at the weekend.

That is in contrast to other cities where you see a very marked recreational use at the weekend, and so cocaine is an everyday drug in London.

Hot damn, everyone just getting on it in London all the time hey – guess it really is a 24/7 city hey?

I suppose it’s true that if you ever want to have a session, there’s always someone around  isn’t it? Just didn’t really realise just how big a problem it had become. We probably all need to take a long look at ourselves in the mirror – when we aren’t racking lines up off it – and tell all our mates to get off the beak. Seriously.

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