More Than 300,000 Used Condoms Were Repackaged For Sale In Vietnam

Fuck me.

However grim things might be getting over here as we head into the inevitable second lockdown, just be thankful that at least you aren’t picking up condoms that have been used by someone else and then repackaged for resale.

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This is exactly what seems to have been happening over in Vietnam in the southern Binh Duong province, where a warehouse was recently raided to uncover the operation. 324,000 used condoms were seized on site, where hired workers would clean and dry them before reshaping them with a wooden dildo, which sounds like one of the grossest and ickiest scams out there that I’ve ever heard of in my life. Not even really sure they would make that much money from it either with paying the workers as well, unless condoms are super expensive over in Vietnam?

Anyway, the owner of the building 33 year old Pham Thi Thanh Ngoc told police that she received the condoms once a month from an unknown supplier and was tasked with repurposing them for new customers. Rank.

It’s unclear at this point how many reused condoms were out there in the wild, but it’s thought that they were being sold to nearby hotels and market stalls within the province. If you’ve visited recently and used a condom, I just wouldn’t think about it if I were you. Not worth it.

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