Momo Is Now Becoming Real After Online Trolls Start Making New Videos



The whole Momo thing has really blown up in the last week, with some people denying that it was even real and others swearing down that Momo was appearing in videos that their children were watching and making them do things.

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It now seems like it’s not one or the other problem here but instead some kind of combination of the two with digital expert Tash Courtenay-Smith saying that she believes online trolls are making new Momo videos after being alerted to the trend after all the publicity of the last week. She said that her 10 year old son Finn found a video of Momo whilst he was watching online clips of FIFA and warned that more and more Momo videos may be appearing:

It is possible for anybody to create anything for YouTube.

Maybe there are a few historic videos made elsewhere in the world that someone will find and it will get talked about.

Then lots of people start to discuss it and it becomes a media storm.

That then appeals to people – maybe teenagers in their bedrooms – who think “this is funny” and they make more videos in which they put in a clip of Momo.

People have got wind of the publicity and they have made it into a real thing.

The Momo came into the video with the mouth animated.

Somehow it made him think he was in a two-way conversation with it. He was talking to it and it was omnipresent in the house and it could hear him and watch him.

He was completely traumatised by the Momo thing, which I didn’t even think was real.

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Damn. Still kinda perplexed how this Momo thing manages to engage in two way conversations with kids and convince them that they’re completely omnipresent because apparently it’s just a video, but I suppose we’ll find out more about it in the coming days. Really still kinda puzzled as to how it’s affecting everyone and being such a weird ass nuisance though. Hopefully someone will figure it out soon and let me know.

For more of the same, check out Momo’s creator speaking out about he guilt he now feels about the doll. Not surprised really.



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