This Is The Moment A Taxi Driver Is Told His DNA Connects Him To Two Rapes



It must completely suck when you’re taken in by the cops for one crime and whilst you’re in custody they manage to pin another way worse crime on you, but there’s an easy way to completely avoid that – just don’t commit any crimes in the first place.

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Unfortunately, if you did rape someone ten years ago then even if you thought that you had gotten away with it, there’s always the chance that it might catch up to you and this was thankfully illustrated on last night’s episode of 24 hours In Police Custody. 36 year old taxi driver Shipu Ahmed had been brought in on a domestic violence charge in September 2017 that he needed to be swabbed for and although the swab didn’t match on this case, there was a flag on two rape cases from back in 2007.

Semen profiles had been obtained from both the women during this period, but never matched with anyone until now. The video below highlights the moment when police decided to confront Shipu with this information and well, it’s pretty intense to say the least:

Yeah I mean that isn’t the most convincing denial there is it, although I’ve gotta admit if I was on the spot and asked if I had sex in some random place ten years ago I would probably struggle to remember the exact details. There’s a moment around 40 seconds in though where he kinda looks like he knows the game is up though and he’s busted.

Turns out the game was up as well as the dude was jailed for 22 years in 2018. He claimed during the trial that the youngest girl – who was underage at the time – came onto him and wanted sex as soon as she got in the car, whereas the older woman offered him sex as a way to pay for the fare. This didn’t stand up in court though and he was found unanimously guilty.

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