Mom Chews Out Kid For Playing Guitar Too Loud In Incredible Rant

Any teenager trying to learn guitar will have been subject to complaints from their parents about it being too loud, but none as insane as this rant.

Every teenage guitarist knows the feeling, ever since Macaulay Culkin got told off for playing his guitar too loud in that Michael Jackson video like 20 years ago or whatever – and probably before that too. When it comes to practicing and getting good – and we all know the only way to get good is to practice for pretty much forever – it’s pretty difficult when you’re a teenager living with your parents and they constantly moan at you for it being ‘so loud that they can’t even think’ or whatever tired cliche they are coming out with today. Can’t they see that your guitar riffs are as revolutionary as their diatribe is cliched?

Anyway, this mom really takes the cake, storming into her son’s room and going batshit crazy at him for about two minutes, using phrases like ‘May I ask you in what way your life is contributing to society as you sit here day after day in this dark room strumming along on that stupid guitar?’,  ‘To me, you are leading a worthless, worthless life,’ ‘The minute you get back with your friends, your computer and your guitar, your life shuts off, I don’t get it Mike, what the hell is this gonna do for your future, sitting around, strumming on a guitar!’ ‘What do your friends do all summer long? Do they sit around playing on their game things and strumming their stupid guitars? The mentality of your generation boggles my mind. I don’t know how anyone can live the way you kids do!’

She’s angry. Even after her first outburst she comes back for some more. I don’t know what the hell her problem is, I checked out some other of this kid’s videos and he rules on the guitar. He’s way better than some little kid who still lives with his mommy should be. Unless he’s some guy in his mid 20’s who lives with his mommy, in which case his mom is probably justified at shouting at him for playing his guitar so loudly in her house. However, not to the extent that she goes to in this video!

Check it out below:

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