Model Deemed ‘Too Sexy For Instagram’ Just Compared Her Ban To The United Passenger

Elle Dr Dao

Controversial comparison.

A glamour model who was banned from Instagram for posting sexually explicit images has compared her situation to the treatment of Dr David Dao on the United Airlines flight.

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Utah-based Elle Johnson was banned from the social media app for violating community guidelines by posting provocative underwear shots. She took to Twitter to complain:

If you remember, Dr Dao was dragged off an overbooked flight recently, during which his face was bashed into a chair, causing blood to pour from his mouth. So it’s not quite the same as having your Insta account shut down, is it? Nevertheless, Elle continues to fight her corner:

There are a lot of Instagram models out there. I don’t think I’m on the high end of the racy scale.

But I’m certainly not on the low end. If the racy scale is the Spinal Tap 1-11, I’m probably around an 8.

Nice one for the Spinal Tap reference Elle. Regardless of where she is on the ‘racy scale’, Instagram are getting stricter with their nudity guidelines so it looks like she’s got a lot more bans in store for her.

Maybe she should try and copy this Insta account. They have managed to get around the “no nipple” rule in the most genius way.


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