This Genderless Nipple Account Is Driving Instagram Crazy


About 50% NSFW.

A recently opened Instagram account is using close up images of nipples in order to test the app’s strict policy on female nudity. As you will know, women’s nipples are not allowed to be shown on Instagram, whereas men’s are. Which is completely and utterly absurd when you think about it.

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Not only does it portray a very important message, but it actually makes quite a fun game. Head on over to @genderless_nipples and see if you can tell the difference between male and female nipples. This one’s a man’s one, in case you couldn’t figure it out:

Here’s their message:

Genderless Nipples Men are allowed to show their nipples, women’s get banned. Support ALL genders! Let’s change this policy!

The site already has over 40,000 followers so they haven’t been beaten yet. Question is whether social media apps and websites will loosen up with their strict rules regarding female nudity. It’s already gotten to the point where works of art and historical images have been censored. Surely something’s got to give. We’ll have to wait and see.

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