The Model Who Sucked Off 7 NBA Players In One Night Is Set To Make $100k On OnlyFans By This Weekend

Quids in!

Earlier this week we shared an incredible clip of Instagram model Ayyyejae AKA Aliza AKA The Greek Freak describing how she sucked off 7 NBA players in one sitting after they walked in on her shagging someone else in a hotel room.

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Here’s a reminder:

As you can imagine, this young lady received a fair bit of hate for this video thanks to how viral it went. She even got disowned from her parents and fired from her job (her dad was her boss). Does she give a damn though? Nope:

Yup – a 966% increase in Instagram followers and $22,000k made from new subscribers on OnlyFans just one day after the video went viral. Holy shit!

She’s well on point to make $100k on OnlyFans by the weekend…

In your face, haters! Yeah OK her parents may have disowned her and she’ll probably never be able to find regular employment for the rest of her life, but that’s no big deal when you’re raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars from thirsty men on OnlyFans. In 2020 it’s never been easier for a good-looking woman to make shitloads of money on the internet so fair play to Aliza for taking full advantage of that. Who needs a real job anyway?

The same girl has also kicked off a load of drama after accusing R&B singer Trey Songz of kidnapping her and peeing on her in the bathtub. Read all about that HERE. Yikes!


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