Model’s Shock After O2 Salesman Who Upgraded Her Phone Offered Her Money For Sex

Why didn’t he just ask her out?

A model from Southend in Essex went into her local O2 branch to get an upgrade for her phone, and ended up also receiving an offer for sex.

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Gabriella Martin, 21, had given her details to the salesman for a new contract and got her upgrade like she wanted.

Two days later though, the O2 creep had tracked down her Instagram profile and sent her a DM asking “how much for a night you?”. Who says chivalry is dead eh?

Gabriella went back to the store to confront him but he just ‘smirked’ and played dumb.

Gabriella told The Sun:

I was fuming. I said it was totally unacceptable. I felt disgusted and violated and very upset.

She lodged a complaint with O2 and they offered her an £100 gift voucher and flowers, which she turned down. O2 said it was “truly very sorry” and that a full investigation and “corrective actions” had been taken.

Geez, what a weirdo. I mean if he liked Gabriella that much why didn’t he just ask her out on a date instead of going full-on creep mode and offering money for sex – via social media no less!

OK sure she would have probably turned him down because there’s no way a model who looks like that is dating the guy who works sales at O2, but still, there’s always that 0.01% chance she would have said yes and most importantly, he wouldn’t have ended up losing his job as well as being rejected.

The guy’s lucky this girl didn’t name and shame his face all over the internet which is how these things usually turn out.

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