Model Dies From Heroin After Surviving Horrific 80ft Fall From Magaluf Hotel


Butterfly effect.

A model named Chantelle Serginson was deemed “lucky to be alive” after surviving an 80ft fall from a hotel balcony in Magaluf back in 2012.

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She suffered two brain haemorrhages, a collapsed lung, multiple fractures in her skull and legs while losing several teeth before making a miraculous recovery.

However, this story sadly does not have a happy ending, as Chantelle turned to heroin to numb the pain caused by her injuries. She was introduced to the drug by her former boyfriend.


In 2016 she was jailed for 24 months for robbing a family home and being part of a gang that swiped bikes worth more than £23,000 from students and hospitals. She allegedly carried out the crimes to fund her habit and following the prison sentence, Chantelle promised to turn her life around.

However, it appears that this was not the case and Chantelle tragically died at the age of just 29 following her descent into heroin addiction. The news of her death was announced by her mum who confirmed it on social media and since then the tributes have come flooding in:

Such a waste of a young, beautiful life.

Rest with the angels Chantelle.

I’ve known the family since I was tiny. They are a lovely family and she was a lovely girl, and tragically this has happened to her. She was only young and had her whole life ahead of her. I remember her as a child, she was lovely and so caring. They didn’t know if she was going to survive the fall. She’s been through so much and done so well.

Such a tragic end to a life of someone who had been through it all. RIP Chantelle and thoughts are with her family and friends.

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