Model Confronts Internet Troll In Public About All The Shit He’s Been Talking About Her Online

There really are no winners in this showdown.

It’s a rare, rare occasion that someone gets to meet the complete stranger who’s been talking shit about them online. Especially when it comes to online models and the trolls who spend their time commenting hateful, sexist vitriol under their photos. I mean why would these models want to meet these guys anyway?

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To get their face on camera and shame them in front of the world, that’s why.

Watch below:

Hmm. Seems like she’s some kind of hardcore kinky fetish model from the sounds of it. Not sure why this guy has a problem with that but he definitely just got put in his place big time. Honestly the way this guy talks and carries himself makes me feel sick anyway, and that’s before he even loses the plot and starts cussing her out in front of everyone.

For a photo of the girl in question, head over the next page – it’s kinda NSFW so make sure the coast is clear.

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