Moby Just Got ‘Vegan For Life’ Tattooed On His Neck


There’s that old joke about how you know if someone is vegan – they’ll tell you – and Moby isn’t even going to let it get that far anymore after revealing his new neck tattoo that simply says ‘Vegan For Life’.

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Moby revealed the new ink on his Instagram account in the following post, where he revealed that it wasn’t really that big a deal for him as he had been a vegan for the last 32 years anyway. I suppose it’s less annoying than having to tell everyone the moment you meet them that you’re vegan, but probably makes you look like more of a twat. Fair trade up I guess.

Cool double entendre there hey – I guess he’ll be a vegan for his entire life and the reason that he’s vegan is to promote life. Pretty cute play on words there sure – makes the tattoo even cooler bro.

Although it’s cool that Moby is a committed vegan, maybe he should start looking at how he was a real creep to Natalie Portman recently instead. That was some weird shit bro.


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