Mo Farah Mistook Noel Gallagher For Liam; Liam Responded Perfectly

Noel Mo

Two brothers you don’t want go get mixed up.

Sir Mo Farah appeared to mistake the two people in the UK that you really don’t want to get mixed up – the Gallagher brothers.

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After meeting Noel Gallagher at a U2 concert, Mo posted a picture of his encounter with the caption, “Chilling with my boy liamgallagher U2 concert in Twickenham..!!”

Liam being Liam was quick to respond with a sarcy tweet:

Loving the kiss at the end – you can always count on Liam to point out other people’s f**k ups.


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Realising his mistake, Mo was quick to change the tag on the image:

To be fair, I think that Mo got off lightly. Normally Liam goes in a lot harder than this, particularly when it involves his brother Noel.

Also, it’s pretty ironic that he was tagged at a U2 concert, when just the other day Liam was saying he’d rather eat his own s**t than listen to U2. You and me both Liam, you and me both.


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