MMA Fighter Ruthlessly Punches Ring Girl In The Face After Losing The Game


His frustrations boiled over.

Losing at anything completely sucks, but I imagine that losing at MMA sucks more than most things because it literally means that someone else is better at you at something you’ve trained for months for.

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That’s why I can sort of understand what happened in this video. In it, an MMA fighter clearly thinks that he has done what it takes to get the victory, so when his opponent is announced as the winner of the fight he throws an air punch in frustration without really looking where it’s going. Unfortunately for him, it ends up smacking the cute ring girl behind him right on the kisser:

Ouch. It’s a shame we don’t get to see anymore in the video of just how hard he connected and what happened to him and the ring girl, but man if this video is going to teach us anything, it’s that people need to be way more careful with their emotions when they’re losing. Or at least look where they’re throwing wild punches. Hope that girl is OK.

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