MMA Fighter Visits Chilli Festival Before Fight; Suffers Diarrhoea Explosion During Choke Hold

Well that’s embarrassing.

It’s probably pretty embarrassing getting choked out in an MMA fight, but it’s definitely 100% more embarrassing getting choked out so hard in an MMA fight that you shit your pants all over the cage.

One way to avoid the possibility of this happening is not to visit the chilli festival that’s in town before your big fight. Unfortunately, Travis ‘The Brown Bomber’ Wolford – not sure if that was his actual nickname or just one that’s been adopted since this incident, I’m thinking the latter – decided to do that before his big fight with Daniel Cooper at ‘Ruckus in the Cage’ (another great name) in West Virginia.

And you can guess the results. Wolford was choked out by Cooper in a guillotine choke after getting pounded by hammer fists and he tapped immediately. The damage had already been done though and as Wolford stood up and walked around the cage, a steady stream of excrement slowly crapped out of his ass all over the cage. What a mess.

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Completely rank right? My favourite part is probably when the hick woman says ‘I’m gonna throw up’. That shit must have stunk – you can see this from everyone holding their noses as Wolford takes the walk of shame back to the locker room through the crowd too.

I wonder how the hell they managed to clean that up? Imagine if you got put in a choke nearby on the floor and all you could smell was that horrible guy’s poop whilst you were desperately clawing for breath. That is not a situation you want to be in under any circumstances.

I suppose you can say that Cooper really actually beat the shit out of Wolford. Along the same lines, here’s a story about a guy who shit his pants on his first date.


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