4’11 MMA Fighter ‘Brisa’ Beat The Shit Out Of Mugger Who Tried To Steal Her Phone


Argentinian MMA fighter ‘Brisa’ put her training to good use this week after administering a serious beatdown to a mugger who tried to snatch her phone.

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As you’ll see in the news clip below, 20-year-old Brisa left the guy battered, bloodied and bruised and was well on her way to choking him out as others intervened to make sure she didn’t end up literally murdering the guy:

Brisa, looking deservedly chuffed with herself, told the news program:

Hopefully this kid never steals again. I’m lucky that I know how to defend myself because I studied MMA, but I don’t want it to happen to anyone else. I’m proud of how I acted and I don’t regret doing it.

Can you imagine being a mugger walking around Argentina and looking for the perfect victim, before chancing upon this tiny, 4’11 female? You’d be looking forward to the easiest phone snatch of your entire criminal career. Except it turns out this 4’11, 20-year-old girl is an MMA-trained savage who ends up beating the fuck out of you in front of everyone and nearly chokes you to death on camera.

I mean look at this guy – he’s literally seconds away from being completely out cold:

Brisa didn’t release the hold until police showed up and took the man away. She also explained that she was full of ‘hatred’ because she spent months saving up to buy the new smartphone:

I spent all day working during a pandemic with a reduced salary and I refused to accept this guy coming along and making more than half my wages in three seconds.

Damn straight. Big up Brisa for teaching this guy a lesson he’ll never forget. In the UK she’d probably be arrested for assault for leaving him in such a bloody mess, but it looks like that’s a little less frowned upon over in Argentina. Respect!

To watch an MMA fighter choke out the referee after being KO’d, click HERE. Whoops.


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