Watch This MLS Goalkeeper Concede One Of The Lamest Own Goals In Football History

Now that’s embarrassing.

Goals are hard enough to come by in football without gifting your opponent one 15 minutes into a game, but unfortunately for the MLS’s Colorado Rapids, that’s exactly what occurred in their match against Real Salt Lake the other day.

They never recovered from goalkeeper William Yarborough’s blunder and ended up losing the game 3-0. Yeah OK you’re not meant to pass back to your keeper within the goalposts but still, he really should’ve done a better job here…

Damn. Conceding an own goal is already one of the worst feelings in football, but to concede one that bad? Not exactly doing any favours for the MLS which is trying to build its reputation among the most elite football leagues in the world.

Not that we don’t see unbelievable errors in the Premier League, but still. When you fluff a touch that even a 10 year old can make that’s just not a great look for an up-and-coming league in general. Fair play to his teammate for running up to him with hugs and words of encouragement but maybe he should’ve been berating him Roy Keane-style instead. Onwards and upwards.

P.S. Not quite as bad as the Haiti goalkeeper scoring quite literally the worst own goal in history…

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