VIDEO: Epilepsy + Tourettes + Call Of Duty + Power Rangers


7H1s Sh17 w1ll 8L0w J00r 8Ra1ns 70 73h n3X7 PhUx0R1N’ d1m3ns10N. L337.


There is no title for this video. It’s too fvcking crazy, but so fvcking good.

If you ever see a video with [MLG] in the title, watch it. If you’re on ketamine at the time, definitely watch it. This video starts off as a really well edited Modern Warfare 3 montage video, you know the ones that show you loads of really good kills in succession with a cool backing track and nice effects (slow mo etc) throughout. Well this video starts like that, then gets fucked in the ass side ways. Just wait for the power rangers, that’s all I’m saying.

[yframe url=’’]


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