Watch Mitt Romney’s Epic Decline In Real Time

Mitt Romney

If you go on Mitt Romney’s Facebook page and hit refresh every second then he loses about 10 fans. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to track his descent into obscurity in real time.

Mitt Romney

This is really, really awesome. As I’m sure most of you know, just a week ago most people were screwing about the fact that Mitt Romney might actually get into the White House ahead of Barack Obama which would probably have been an unmitigated disaster for the developed world due to his ridiculously dated attitudes towards issues like women’s rights and homosexuality, despite the fact that he claimed his experience with big business would allow him to ‘fix’ America and bust it out of the recession. Fortunately, the majority of the population (or the majority of the population in the states that matter) realised that he was full of shit and voted Obama back in. A bunch of people were sad about it (see White People Mourning Romney) but most people (including celebrities) were really stoked about it.

Now, it seems that over in American Mitt Romney has disappeared from the public eye faster than any other Presidential candidate in history. I don’t really remember that many of the opposition candidates other than Gore and McCain because I wasn’t really into politics until I was about 14 and I got my first NOFX record , but I know Gore is still kicking around and banging on about the environment but I haven’t got a clue what McCain is up to. Still, all the news sites I frequent are stating that Romney’s decline has been pretty epic and pretty unparalleled since he lost the election last Tuesday and there’s now even a way you can see this happening in real time. If you head over to Mitt Romney’s Facebook fan page, and then refresh it his number of likes will go down between anything from 1 – 10 figures depending how long you’re leaving it in between refreshing it. You can do this all day if you want and look at how Romney is rapidly fading out of the public consciousness. It’ a lot of fun!

The Washington Post’s Caitlin Dewey was the first person to notice this, and estimated on Friday that he was losing 594 an hour, which was roughly 10 a minute. However, by Saturday this rate had picked up and he was losing something like 850 an hour and it doesn’t look like that rate is letting up any time soon. I just took a couple of screen shots now to illustrate the phenomenon and you can clearly see that he’s losing a shit load. These pictures don’t illustrate it that effectively because it doesn’t give you the seconds as well, but these two were over a period of about 20 seconds and he lost 8 likes. That’s an outrageous rate of return.

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Mitt Romney Facebook Page 2

Mitt Romney Facebook Page

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It’s awesome. I have never seen a Facebook fan page ever lose likes at such a rapid rate, I mean it just doesn’t happen. If you like a band or a restaurant or a blog like Sick Chirpse or whatever you generally just keep it liked and don’t bother to go and unlike it because it’s too much effort and it isn’t really doing any harm and there’s a chance you might be interested in the news regarding said product or service so you just keep it there, and in any case it’s rally unlikely that SO MANY people would be unliking it at one time because there isn’t normally a reason why there would be a mass unlking of something. Generally most pages are GAINING more likes too so even if there are a few unlikes it’s offset by the amount of new likes. Not here though. Romney’s likes are plummeting and it’s killer, and to be honest it might never happen again so we might as well enjoy it while we can. Head on over to Mitt Romney’s Facebook page and click refresh and see how quickly the number goes down. I promise you it’s a blast!


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