Internet Classic: Miss Finland Destroys Professional Poker Player With The Greatest Bluff Ever

Well played.

This clip is from a TV show named ‘Shark Cage’ that aired a few years ago, but for those who haven’t seen it it’s never a bad time for a re-watch.

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The object of ‘Shark Cage’ was to bluff your opponent and then send them into a shark cage. Not really sure what the point of that was but it doesn’t really matter. In this hand we have pro poker player Ronnie Bardah facing off against Sara Chafak, a former Miss Finland.

Here’s how it played out:

Brilliant stuff. You have to wonder how much her natural beauty, sex and amateur status messed with Ronnie’s brain, although from about 4:00 onwards you can see she’s getting tense and nervous so maybe he should have picked up on that. Took serious balls to play that hand all the way to the end – fair play to Miss Finland.

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